Beef Leaders Scholarship

The Centralian Beef Breeders Association along with the Australian Beef Industry Foundation (ABIF) annually offers the opportunity for one local Central Australian youth to attend a one week Leadership Course at the Marcus Oldham College, in Geelong, Victoria in June each year. The scholarship is open to men and women aged 21 to 40 years of age who have a proven long-term commitment to the Beef Industry.

To view this years’ guidelines for the application process, click on the link here: Beef Leaders Guidelines 2020

More details of the course can be found here… 

The CBBA thank the ABIF, Rural Press and the Marcus Oldham College for their support in making this award possible.

Previous Winners


Peter Raleigh

Brunchilly Station


James McBeale

Newcastle Waters Station

Kirsty Lee Fogarty

Palmer Valley Station


Hamish Lee-Warner

Newcastle Waters


Ross Stanes

Lyndavale Station


Alison Haines

Charles Darwin University


Steve Hayes

The Garden Station


Annie Murphy

Phillip Creek Station


Laura Greenfield

Billa Kalina Station

Bennett Stanes

De Rose Hill Station

2019 Winner Reports

Laura Greenfield - Billa Kalina Station (SA)

In July I took a giant leap and attended the Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program after receiving the CBBA Beef Leaders Scholarship. At the time I was working in SW Queensland as a station hand so after driving 450km and 3 flights later I arrived at Marcus Oldham College Geelong Victoria.

My name is Laura Greenfield, I am 20 years old, and I am from Billa Kalina Station, a shorthorn beef cattle station in NW South Australia.

My experience at Marcus Oldham completing the rural leadership program was enlightening and inspiring. It gave me a real like perspective of the possibilities involved in agriculture and what an exciting industry it is to be involved in. The highlight of my trip was the people that I met and connected with. Every participate had an inspiring story to tell and people had come from all walks of life, not necessarily having a background in agriculture.

Vision was an important aspect during the week and my vison from the first day to the last day changed dramatically. I got asked very confronting questions about myself and self-reflection was critical.

The public speaking exercise was the most daunting and downright terrifying part of the week. They tell you that body language is vital. The evaluators filmed the speech on the first day of arrival and I was terrible. Speaking in front of people with a microphone that I had only met 2 hours before. By the last day I could rattle out an interesting speech without throwing up like a breeze.

We were given a list of leadership quotes at the beginning of the week.

The quote that resonated with me the most throughout the week was:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

From that quote and from the leadership week I have realised to become an admired leader I need to broaden my horizons. A week after the leadership course I enrolled into Marcus Oldham College. In 2020 I am studying a Bachelor in Agribusiness.

The rural leadership program gave me the confidence I need to succeed in the agriculture industry and pursue my passion in beef cattle.

I am very grateful to have received the CBBA Beef Leaders scholarship and financial support from the ABIF. They continue to support young rural people in pursuing their dreams and contribute to the agricultural industry.



Bennett Stanes - De Rose Hill Station

This year I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to the Marcus Oldham campus near Geelong in Victoria to attend the annual Marcus Oldham Rural Leadership Program. Being unsure of what to expect, I was probably first surprised to find how large (around 40 attendees) and how diverse the group was. There were agronomists, crop farmers, bankers, beekeepers and farm machinery vendors to name a few. This diversity created an interesting dynamic for many of the challenges we were set.

The days comprised a range of different activities, some theory, and then some group assignments. There were several opportunities to practice public speaking, including in front of the camera. There were some good insights on both how to articulate more clearly your message as well as how to present yourself in a way that engages the audience.

There was some time spent understanding what defines leadership. As we learnt, leadership comes in many forms, and not always as we typically expect, i.e. being assertive or over-bearing. There were attendees who demonstrated different leadership qualities in different situations, being set the task.

Many of the tasks from this week are designed to put you out of your comfort zone. I found the public speaking to be particularly challenging, having limited opportunities in this area. Although I found some relief in not being the only one in this boat. One of the main lessons for me was that growth in any area requires pushing outside of this ‘comfort zone’.

I thank the CBBA and the ABIF for this opportunity. This course provides a chance to gain insight into what leadership is about, and also some self-examination of your own strength and weaknesses. I wish future recipients the best of luck.